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You know these recipes are delicious because if I didn't think that they were fabulous . . . I wouldn't be showing them to you. You can also be sure that these recipes work for the same reason! The rest is simply a matter of taste.
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~Percy Bysshe Shelley

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Deep Dish Salmon Pie

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Tinned salmon is something which I have in the cupboard all the time.  If you always keep a few things in the larder, like tinned salmon and tuna,  you always have the makings of a tasty meal.  Be it sandwiches for lunch, or a delicious casserole for supper.   Tinned fish always comes in really handy.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A tasty Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Loaf

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I make no secret of my great love of Peanut Butter.  It is quite simply one of my favourite things.  It is one thing I could not live without and I confess I have at least a tiny bit of it every day.  True confessions here.  Even if it is only a cracker with a bit of it spread on top.

Monday, 2 March 2015

The Pepita Chef

 photo img_0574_zpsyw51bh3t.jpg

I was recently sent a new product to try out.  The Pepita Chef from

Pepita Chef, made of porcelain,  is a new kitchen tool for cooking skewers of meat, fish and vegetables rapidly and genuinely. It is also perfect for baking a chicken in your own oven without the addition of fats. It can be used to serve various appetizers, snacks and starters straight on your table and is also excellent for displaying colorful fruit skewers. It is a practical and elegant product, suitable for home, bars, restaurants and also catering and party services.


It's an interesting and attractive tool and is safe to be used in the oven at temperatures up to 250*C and as low as -10*C.  You can use it in both the microwave and regular ovens and it is also dishwasher safe.

 photo DSCN0445_zps7pf6igov.jpg

I used it to roast a chicken.  I rubbed the chicken with herbs and placed potatoes that I had also chunks and seasoned around it in the roasting pan.  I squeezed a lemon over all and then, glutton that I am, I popped a bit chunck of butter on top of the whole thing.

  photo SAM_6713_zps9cc7b4fa.jpg 

It ended up being most delicious.    The Pepita Chef was easy to use and easy to clean.

Many thanks to the people at for sending me this innovative piece of kitchen kit.

Deep Dish Pan Pizza

 photo DSCN04631_zpsrun68mrl.jpg

I have a husband who is not particularly fond of Pizza . . .  or pasta as you know.  He says he hate Italian food . . .  but he really just means he hates Pizza and pasta . . .  I keep reminding him that Italians eat a lot more than that!  Bake a pizza in a cake tin, and call it a tart and he is quite happy to eat it however.  A woman has to do what a woman has to do.  ☺

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Berries and Cherries Biscuits/ Cookies

One thing that took getting used to when I moved over here to the UK was the fact that they call cookies biscuits . . .  whereas biscuits to me had always been a type of quick bread not dissimilar to a scone in many ways.   I still struggle with calling cookies biscuits . . .  but biscuit or cookie . . .  no matter the name, the fact remains that they are much beloved by most people.

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Homemade Crumpets and TEA & CAKE

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I am a crumpet lover.   I couldn't tell you how many crumpets I have eaten through the years, but it's quite a few . . . . ohhh . . . those soft yeasty, pancake like cakes . . .  riddled with holes, just perfect for collecting butter and jam or honey, or  . . .  I love them.  Can you tell?   I had always shied away from making my own however.  I don't know why though.  They're fabulous and so easy to make and the homemade ones taste infinitely better than store bought ones.  Seriously!   So what was it that inspired me to conquer my fears and make my own?

Friday, 27 February 2015

Sweeten Mother's Day with Radnor Preserves

 photo original_valentine-s-set-of-preserves-gift-box_zpscqszng7l.jpg

Show mums just how special they are this Mother's Day with a beautiful box of award winning Radnor Preserves arriving on their doorstep.  Even if sons and daughters can't be there in person, preserve-maker Joanna Morgan hand-makes preserves and marmalades so delicious and unique in flavour, that they'll top the traditional bouquet.

The collection is perfect for mums who enjoy exploring their culinary skills, as the Snowdon Marmalade gives a zesty twist to bread and butter puddings, whilst the gold mdal World Marmalade Award winning Sicilian Blood Orange transforms casserole dishes.

Flavours also include the indulgent dark chocolate and pear Belle-Helene, Clementine & Cointreau, Rhubarb & Caramelized Fig and Great Taste Award winning Raspberry & Crushed Cardamom.  Gifr boxes and hampers can also contain a personalized message.

A box of three costs £15 plus P&P or for a real treat, try a hamper for £50, which contains 7 jars and a recipe book.   All are gluten-free, vegan-friendly and free from artificial perservatives and additives.

 photo DSCN0751_zpsuoqmhjsu.jpg

I was sent a jar of their Great Taste Award Winning 2013 Black Currant & Vanilla Preserve to try out.

  photo DSCN0752_zpskmvrg3hp.jpg

I found it to be lovely and thick with lots of fruit as well as having a heavenly scented of vanilla.  All in all it went down a real treat with some homemade crumpets.

 photo DSCN0757_zpsvaqbilhq.jpg

As fans of black currants, we both really enjoyed this jam.  Tune in tomorrow for the crumpet recipe.  You're in for a real treat.

Many thanks to Radnor Preserves for sending me a jar of jam to enjoy.   Although I was sent the jam, any and all opinions are my own.   This isn't award winning jam for no reason.   It's really lovely.

Black Bean Lasagne

 photo DSCN0648_zpsp1mrw9w2.jpg

This is an easy Vegetarian dish I have had on my list of things to make for a very long time.  I can't even remember where it came from now.   I think possibly it was a Pillsbury recipe, but I can't say for sure.  In any case it I finally got it made the other day and it wasn't half bad!

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Eating in March with Farmer's Choice

 photo Farmers Choice logo_zpsi4gf5nli.png

 Farmer’s Choice are an online butchers, green grocers and deli that deliver completely free range, British meats and produce to homes across the UK.  As a guest author on their page today I am offering up two delicious recipes for March.  I just know you are going to love these!

 photo d817e9f44eefea9fbe6fac9b90734049_zpscp76xvrv.jpg  

First we have a really delicious stew just in time for Saint Patricks Day on the 17th.  A Simple Irish Stew which is a really fabulous way to celebrate your Irishness on St. Patties!  Not only is it delicious but it's really simple to make and of course you can purchase almost all of your ingredients from the people at Farmer's Choice.  

  photo a26e4d93dbe13ea5725850277a6c3917_zps9b7vooe6.jpg  

If you are looking to do a bit of entertaining in March and are looking for something special to serve.  Look no further.   Bacon Wrapped Salmon Fillets is a delicious and simple way to feed your guest something which is not only really attractive, but also easy and quick to make.   Succulent salmon fillets, topped with a sprig of thyme, wrapped in Bacon and baked to perfection.   So impressive and yet so simple.  

 Not only will you find these and other recipes on the Farmer's Choice site, but you will also be able to purchase a quantity of the ingredients necessary to  prepare all of the recipes you will find there.   All the convenience of online grocery shopping with the added pleasure of supporting your local farmers.  Quality ingredients at a good price, British sourced and home grown.  You can't get much better than that!

Cheddar and Garlic Drop Buns

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We have had some really cold weather these past couple of weeks.  I know it is not near as cold as the temperatures you hardy North Americans are used to, but over here in the UK, the temperatures don't have to dip very low before we are freezing.  We don't have the heating, insulation and windows that you are used to in North America, and it is a lot damper . . .  so when it is cold, it is cold.  Cold weather is soup weather and when I cook us a pot of soup, I always like to bake some sort of bread to accompany it.   A decent piece of bread can turn even the simplest of soups into a hearty meal!